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Label 8000
CAS Label 8000

CAS Label 8000 58x30mm Non-UPC

Normally: $50.00

Label 8010
CAS Label 8010

CAS Label 8010 UPC 58mm x 40mm

Normally: $50.00

Label 8020
CAS Label 8020

CAS Label 8020 UPC / Ingredients 58mm x 60mm

Normally: $50.00

Label 8030
CAS Label 8030

CAS Label 8030 Non UPC / Safe Handling 58mm x 50mm

Normally: $50.00

Label 8040
CAS Label 8040

CAS Label 8040 UPC / Safe Handling 58mm x 60mm

Normally: $50.00

LST-8060 (S-2000Jr Label)
CAS LST-8060 (S-2000Jr Label)

For DLP-50 Label Printer, 55 x 25 mm, 550 per roll, 12 rolls per case.

Normally: $45.00

Label 8050
CAS Label 8050

CAS Label 8050 64mm x 320' Continuous Strip (blank) 6 rls/case

Normally: $70.00

58mm (2-1/4 x 230' Thermal Roll)
Cash Register Paper 58mm (2-1/4 x 230' Thermal Roll)

High quality, 48gram proper thickness, cash register paper, 2 1/4 x 230' Thermal

Normally: $80.00


Heavy Duty Cash Drawer with Stainless Steel Front.

Normally: $149.00

SW-1 x
CAS SW-1 x

CAS SW Series Electronic Deli Scales (SW-2, SW-5, SW-10, SW-20) is a compact designed, easy to use portion control scale for use in a variety of applications. AC or battery operated Legal for trade. Available in 5, 10, 20, and 50 lb capapcities. SW-1 x

Normally: $215.00

Voyager 9540
HONEYWELL Voyager 9540

VoyagerCG 9540 hand-held, single-line scanners include Honeywell's patented CodeGate? technology which easily completes data transmission with the push of a single button.

Normally: $270.00

P-822 Thermal Printer
JCM / PBM P-822 Thermal Printer

220mm(8.7in)/sec printing with high-speed driver mode. Supports Serial, USB and Ethernet interfaces (3 ports). 2 Year Warranty!

Normally: $219.00

S-2000 Jr
CAS S-2000 Jr

The S2000 Jr Price Computing Scale is and an easy to use, portable price computing scale, with optional label printer. Legal for trade. Use in candy stores, specialty stores, farmer's markets, bakeries and more!!

Normally: $359.00


CAS AP-1 Price Computing Electronic Scale.

Normally: $369.00

Fusion 3780
HONEYWELL Fusion 3780

The Fusion 3780 20-line scan pattern provides superior scanning over existing single-line scanners making Fusion ideal for medium-volume retailers including specialty stores, pharmacies, liquor stores.

Normally: $446.00

Casio SE-S400

This model from Casio (TE-900 replacement) has all the latest functions with Barcode Scanner connection and SD memory card function means you can export your readings and programming to a Personal Computer.

Normally: $310.00

Sam4s ER-260EJ

This affordable cash register features a standard size cash drawer and 8500 PLU's. Does not require internet to function or monthly payments that go on forever.

Normally: $359.00

CAS S-2000

The CAS S-2000 Low Profile Price Computing Scale offers VFD Displays, Stainless Steel Platter, 999 programmable PLU's, and much more!

Normally: $379.00

Orbit 7120
HONEYWELL Orbit 7120

Orbit 7120, the all-time, best-selling hands-free omnidirectional scanner presents an innovative, elegant and affordable solution to convenience retail applications where counter space is at a premium.

Normally: $515.99

Casio SE-S3000

At $319.00 the SE-S3000 provides a high degree of user friendliness and is loaded with many useful features. With the highly visible and tiltable LCD operator display can show ten lines of data. Large HD cash drawer.

Normally: $399.00

PD-II POS Interface Scale
CAS PD-II POS Interface Scale

The CAS PD-II POS Interface scale connects with cash registers or POS systems. Use in supermarkets, cafeterias, specialty stores, shipping, and more!

Normally: $398.00

Casio SE-C3500

This model from Casio has all the latest functions with easy to use menu driven programming and SD memory card function means you can program from a Personal Computer. 2 station printer, record your sales and give a reciept to the customer.

Normally: $429.00

Casio TE-2200

Simple yet powerful features and functions increase efficiency of store management and improve productivity. Pop-up 8-digit numberic LED Compact Flash Card Interface Two-station thermal printer.

Normally: $429.00

Epson TM-U295

Epson TM-U295 Slip printer works with Cash Registers and POS Systems.

Normally: $549.00

Casio SR-S4000

Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth for simple reporting and programming functions.

Normally: $469.00

Image Missing
Sam4s SAM 650 Software

The Samsung SAM 650 Software transports point of sale (POS) data from your Samsung ER-650 cash register to your PC.

Normally: $569.95

Sam4s ER-5200M

This model has additional functions such as Barcode Scanner, Mix & Match, Clerk Interrupt, Modifier, and Print Check.

Normally: $549.00

Sam4s SPS-345

Cash Register for Retail Merchants Retail, Gift Shops, Convenience Stores, Beer/Wine/Liquor, Specialty Food, Produce, Meat, Main Street Merchants and more.

Normally: $749.00

S-1400 Series Bank Grade Currency Counters
Semacon S-1400 Series Bank Grade Currency Counters

The S-1400 / 1415 / 1425 / 1450 Series Bank Grade Currency Counters feature heavy duty construction, advanced banknote feed technology and dust reduction capabilities. Together these features combine to offer the most accurate counting machines available

Normally: $599.00

BW-Series Legal Bench Scale
CAS BW-Series Legal Bench Scale

CAS BW-series digital scales.

Normally: $644.00

TE-4500 Cash Register
Casio TE-4500 Cash Register

The Casio TE-4500 features easier programming, tiltable 5.2 inch wide color LCD screen with 2 lines x 16 characters and a 1 line numeric rear display.

Normally: $775.00

TE-3000 Cash Register
Casio TE-3000 Cash Register

The Casio TE-3000 Stand Alone features a 5.2 inch backlit LCD screen with 2 lines X 16 characters and a 1 line numeric display to offer the operator a clear view of transaction information.

Normally: $759.00

Casio V-R200

The V-R200 is an Android-based POS Terminal Designed specifically for the POS industry. A application designed specifically for the V-R200 is available for a additional cost. It can be installed for either retail or hospitality environments.

Normally: $1499.00

Atron Systems Inc. LS-100

Fast reliable price computing printing scale, great for back room operation, counter service, & high volume operations!60 lb Dual Range, RS-232, red LED & Alpha LCD, Heavy Duty Construction, high speed printing.

Normally: $1145.00

CAS LP-1000

CAS LP-1000 thermal label printing scale, an ideal label printer for many applications. The LP-1000 printing scale has 5 formats, auto printing and save keys for convenient pre-packing. FREE SHIPPING!

Normally: $1099.00

Casio V-R7000

This Android Based, Open Platform POS is designed for either Hospitality or Retail. It has a 15.6 inch Wide touch Screen display. The pedestal stand is included. V-R7000 specific software is available at additional cost.

Normally: $1799.00

Casio QT-6600

$1599.00 Very Low stock - The QT 6600 is positioned as a step up model in Casio's flagship flash ROM product line offering an expanded feature set designed for hospitality and retail applications.

Normally: $1995.00

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