JCM / PBM TS3000

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MSRP: $1,195.00
Price: $995.00

The TS3000 is a full feature Electronic Cash Register with a 12.1 inch Touch Screen Display. Receipt printer and Cash Drawer are included.


TS3000 Details




No.of PLUS


No.of Departments


No. Of Clerks



80mm, 160mm/s , easy load thermal printer

Electronic Journal

No limit






Max 8 Terminals

Sale Num


Operator Display

12'1" LCD

Customer display

16 Character X 2 row LCD

Control Lock

5 position,MRG/R/X/Z/Lock


4 x Rs232
1 x PS/2
1 x LAN
1 x Drawer
2 x RS485

Power supply

240V AC/50Hz

Operation Temp.



Heavy Duty Locking Cash Drawer 4-slot note with removable 8-slot coin tray




13.8"W x 16.1"D x 13"H(with drawer)


11.8kg(including printer)


  • Key Features


. 20000 PLUs?Combine several PLUs into one to simplify discounts / deals for multiple items
. 200 Departments
. 50 Clerk IDs?Provides programmable clerk access for up to 40 employees with individual sales analysis
. Electronic Journal?Can store an unlimited number
. Comprehensive X and Z Sales reports?Including hourly, daily, periodically for PLUs, Departments, Clerks, Tables, etc. Instant on screen and ability to print.
. 99 Programmable Payment Methods
. Multiple Prices for PLUs?Allows discounted prices to be programmed during specified times, such as during a Happy Hour, or lunch menu versus dinner menu. Also useful in Retail mode for clearance items or end-of-day sales
. VAT Calculation?Program up to 5 different VAT rates
. Age Verification?On-screen prompts warn the clerk to check the customer's ID and verify age before selling certain products. Up to 2 different ages can be programmed, e.g. '16' for tobacco and '18' for alcohol products.
. Foreign Currency Support (up to 99)
. Programmable Store Logo ?Up to 6 lines, 24 characters each row (Optional).
. PC Software?PC Software allows you to program your ECR from your PC and to back up and restore , all data quickly and efficiently. Software and serial cable included.
. Scanner
. Scale

For Restaurant Mode

Direct PLU entry for up to 240 PLUs
Table Handling: Maximum 200 Tables, each can be split into 4 sub tables. Tables and sub tables can be transferred and combined freely. Floating Checks.
Remote Kitchen Printer Option: Supports 3 serial KP, 5 Lan KP
Happy Hour:One of three price levels can be active during a user specified time, such as Happy Hour. This is also a useful function when different price settings are required for lunch and dinner menus.





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