Casio TK-3200

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Out of Stock. Call First The TK-3200 offers six menu levels and a large flat keyboard to assign your various items to physical keys, making item registration simple and quick.

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TK-3200 Details

An affordable ECR with a high speed and reliable dot matrix printer.

The TK-3200 offers six menu levels and a large flat keyboard to assign your various items to physical keys, making item registration simple and quick. The TK-3200's two serial ports allow connectivity to a variety of peripherals including serial printers. External printers can be used to expedite orders to the kitchen and print customer s detail guest checks (max 200) for presentation. A PC may be used to make program changes, store programs, poll sale totals and control inventory.

The TK-3200 can scan up to 5,000 items (UPC/EAN) with inventory control, bottle linking, food stamp functionality, adding new items in registration and a batch maintenance file.The raised keyboard makes frequently used function keys, such as tenders, easy to identify and access.Deli and vegetables items can be programmed to require a weight from an optional scale in order that the proper pricing be charged according to the weighted being purchased.

A high speed, reliable 2 station, 45mm Dot matrix printer with validation slot. An industry standard Compact Flash Card (Optional) is used for backing up program and sales information. In addition the card may be used for loading programs and new software enhancements.

Two (2) line alpha-numeric operator display with the current item name being registered along with it s price. The alpha display is also very helpful in programming item names.

Optional I/O PB-14 board allowing up to 32 terminals being connected together for sales consolidation and program downloading purposes. Casio s unique reversible flat keyboard for switching between Menu levels 1&2.

Other Interfaces include:
Credit/Debit/Gift card/EBT/Check verification, slip printer, scale, remote customer display, kitchen video, liquor and coin dispensers.

Technical Specs

Electrical Specifications

    120V 220V 230V 240V
Power Consumption In operation Max. 0.6 A 0.3 A 0.3 A 0.05 A
stand-by Max. 0.1 A 0.06 A 0.06 A 0.06 A
Memory protection

Back-up Battery
Back-up period
Battery life
Recharge time

90 days (25 C)
Replace the battery every 5 years.
48 hours (full charge)
Clock & Calendar Accuracy
Auto Calendar
With +/- 30 sec. per month (25 C)
Effective until 2099 A.D.

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating temperature: 0 C-40
  • Operating humidity: 10%-90%
  • Storage temperature: -25 -65 C
  • Storage humidity: 10%-95%
  • Vibration strength: 1.5G (The machine must in the carton box)

Main Components

CPU Name
Number of control bit
16 bit
RAM Name
4 Mbit
Flash ROM Name
16 Mbit
I/O controller Name uPD784215AGC

Print Method
Paper cut

Impact dot matrix printer
Manual-paper cut
4 Million lines
Roll Paper Type
Roll diameter
Fine-quality paper
Width 44.5 +/- 0.5mm
83mm or less
75 +/- m

Technical Specifications Subject to Change

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