Casio TE-8500

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The TE-8500 is designed for hospitality that include, floating guest check, shared printer, spilt check operation, separate number assignment, and time and attendance.

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TE-8500 Details

The Casio TE-8500F is built primarily for the restaurant industry. Although the TE-8500F can be used in retail it is not recommened for grocey as there is no food stamp function. The TE-8500F is comparable with the QT-2100, yet at a lower cost. Some standard features include a multi-line customizable color LCD display. Yes, you can arrange the LCD to your color preferences. The screen can tilt to various angles for easy viewing. Multi-function keys are arranged below the screen for clerk entry and/or other features. A full flat 106 plu spill resistant keyboard helps expand your menu keys and protect the circuitry underneath. Standard are 2 extremely reliable high speed quiet thermal printers with paper auto cutter. Easy drop and load paper make changing paper rolls fast and simple, and the printer features graphic logo and watermark for richer receipt images.

Other features include a pop up rotary customer display, 4 RS232 ports for attaching various perpherals, built-in Arcnet for inline communications for up to 32 terminals. An optional Compact Flash card interface is equipped as standard for data back up and restore of program.

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