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Searching for Products
- Use the search box at the top of the page to search for a product.  Your search term will be compared to the name and description of the product.  After the page loads a list of matching products will be displayed. 

- If you are having trouble finding the product you are looking for, try being less specific in your search term.  For example; we may title a Product AB-123.  If you enter AB 123 (without the dash) the product may not be returned in the search results.  However, a less specific search term of 123 or AB would return the AB-123 product.

Choosing the right Product
- We understand choosing the correct Point of Sale equipment can be quite over whelming.  We are currently working on a few electronic solutions to help our website visitors gather the information they need to make an informed and knowledgable decision.

- How can we help?  Please feel free to visit the "Customer Service" section of our website for several options to query our incredibly experience support folks - There are email links, a mailing address and a phone number (available during normal business hours).
We will be happy to help with any questions you have during your selection process. If you prefer, there is a link to send us an email along the top right corner of the page, simply send us a note with your contact information and we will call or email (your preference) ASAP - often immediately.

Contacting Us
- We display our contact information in several sections of the website.  Specifically in the "Contact Us", "Customer Service", "About Us", and the "Service & Support" sections.

- We offer several email links, a mailing address and a website hotline number (available during normal business hours).

Placing an Order
- Placing an order with us couldn't be more simple or secure.  We have recently simplified our checkout model to a 2 click process.
- Website accounts are not required, we do not force you to create an account with yet another username and password to remember.
- Very little personal information is needed, just a "ship to" address to get your items to you in an accurate and timely fashion.
- We have no interest in collecting or storing your finaincial information (Credit Card numbers, bank accounts..).  PayPal does that very very well.
- After your selected item(s) are in your cart, simply click on the 'Check Out' or 'Cart' links, enter your shipping address and click "Proceed to Checkout".  Your screen will reload with the option to log into paypal, or if you do not have a paypal account a form to supply your credit card information, willl be displayed.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CREATE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to complete your purchase.
- After business is complete at paypal, if you choose to, you will be redirected back to our website and a confirmation message will be displayed.  Your order is then complete with or without returning to our site.
- You will recieve an email with order specifics and details how to check your order status.

- Note:  We will typically contact you before shipping your items when equipment programming is required.  You will have the option to alow our techs to program your equipment or not.

Checking Order Status
- Our simple order look up form will help keep you informed of the order process.  Click on the "Order Status" link at the top of the page.  Enter your order number (supplied in confirmation email) and the "ship to" zip code to view the status of your order.

- If you have several orders with us, you can log into your member account and see all orders listed on one page.  Your member information is included in the confirmation email and uses your email address as the account username.  Consider using the same email address for all your orders keeping them grouped under one account.

- We partner with UPS for the bulk of our shipments.  Free shipping is provided for normal UPS Gound service to addresses in the contintental United States.

- It is possible to request expedited shipments, please contact us and place a note on the order when checking out.

- Exchanges will be reviewed on a case by case basis,  working units can not be returned without a compelling reason and may be subject to a 30% restocking fee.

- All Out of Box failures will be evaluated and corrected as needed.  We will not leave you in a bind, or with a dead unit from the factory.

- Warranties are standard manufacturer warranties.

Service and Support
- With over 30 years of Point of Sale experience we can help to solve just about any issue you may encounter.
- We offer a fee based programming service, full repair facitlity, and knowledgable staff to help you with your Point of Sale projects.

Website General issues
- If you are experiencing troubles using our website we'd love to hear about it.  Errors, navigation difficulty, check out issues, or all of the above - please send an email to the webmaster from the Contact page.

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