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SmarterPOS offers programming services for all equipment offered on this site. 

It is important for our customers to understand that the majority of Point of Sale equipment is not plug & play.
For the seasoned retailer or point of sale professional this is probably not a surprise, however it is our policy to set our customers expectations up front and to meet those expectations every time.

Purchasing Point of Sale equipment from smarterPOS will usually require some communications between the customer and our technical support providers.  We always ask for a contact number when making a purchase for this reason.

The following is a good example of a typical transaction or purchase at smarterPOS.

  1. Browse the site and add your product of interest to your shopping cart.
  2. When you are completed shopping click the "check out" button or navigate to the cart window.
  3. Next, enter the shipping information in the form below the cart and click proceed to checkout button.
  4. Click the word 'Add' where it says "Please add comments or explain your programming requirements"If you are not sure what your programming requirements are, simply enter that you are in need of programming support.
  5. After the order is received a smarterPOS specialist will contact you to discuss your project helping to determine what programming requirements exist.
  6. After requirements are collected you will be presented with a quote for the services if applicable and invoiced for such if providing you agree to the service.

It is not a requirement for our customers to use our programming services, however we do recommend you consider it as this will help to take full advantage of our outstanding, second to none service department.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

Thank You.

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