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Why Buy the ASI Handheld System?

Short Answer
Because it allows you to both make and save more money while increasing the service level to your customers.  Managers are more productive because they can execute most computer related operations on the handheld anytime, anywhere.  Servers are more productive because they take the order at tableside, saving time by eliminating the need to enter orders at fixed stations.  The end result is you turn more tables at a lesser cost!

Long Answer
Your MANAGERS are more productive by using the ASI Handheld to:

Spot check server orders for accuracy

 Add, Comp, void items on any server s order as required

 Comp, void, discount checks  

 Make price adjustments

 Take orders during peak times

 Update 86 d items

 Obtain up to the minute operational information:

 Obtain Sales, Open checks, % labor cost, etc. info

Hourly Sales

Labor reports

Average Check

Top ten items sold

 Obtain Alerts

Manager needed at station

Daily, Weekly overtime conditions

VIP at table

High labor cost

Unscheduled clock in/out

No show employee

Obtain general information

Employee data (phone #, schedule, etc.)

Your SERVERS are more productive by using the ASI Handheld to:


 Directly record the order at tableside

No more double entry!

No more walking to fixed POS station to enter the order!

No more waiting lines at fixed POS stations

No more ordering of out-of-stock items (86 d items) 

Fewer data entry errors

Fewer missed sales (due to not being on the floor)

Able to read off forced modifiers: less server training required!

Access to menu facilitates up-selling

Read specials of handheld

Access to item ingredients


 Print the check from anywhere!

 Settle the check from anywhere!


Your BUSINESS benefits from:


 Increased Revenues

 Reduced Labor Costs

 Reduced utilities cost!

Save $500 to $1000 in electricity costs!

 Reduced consumables cost

Pencils, pads

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