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What is the ASI Handheld System?

The ASI Handheld wireless system is used by servers to process customer orders at tableside, and by managers to both monitor the restaurant operations and to perform secured order processing functions such as discounting and voiding checks.  Server  productivity is increased due to the elimination double order entry (pad then computer.)  Managers effectiveness is greatly enhanced by always having operational information at the tip of their fingers. 

The patent-pending ASI Handheld is the ONLY handheld product to take full advantage of the handwriting recognition capabilities built into the operating systems of pocket PCs, making it as easy to use as pencil and pad, while adding all the recognized benefits of direct order entry.  It is the ONLY handheld POS system that is able to effectively handle large menus without compromising customer service.  The touch button approach used in other handheld systems is too cumbersome for use at tableside, requiring too much attention from the server at the expense of the customer.  The ASI Handheld is the ONLY system that doesn t require servers to change the way they are used to taking orders at tableside.  It let s them WRITE the order, just like they do now with pencil and pad. 

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